• Tess Bastin

Boho Styled Shoot

Hi hi everyone!

I have decided for one of my very cheesy new years resolutions is to start connecting more with you guys - whether that be through sharing my face more, talking on my instagram stories or exactly just this, blogging!

I kicked off the New Year with a styled shoot of my absolute DREAMS!

I had been planning on shooting with my friends, Ewa and Tom, while ewa was home visiting for the holidays but i didn't really have a plan in mind. I just knew i needed something that was going to wake me up and wake my creative side up again.

I brain stormed for a bit and found some ideas but went into 2020 feeling very drained and discouraged. Thats when i decided to pour everything into this shoot, regardless of time, money or adding ANOTHER thing onto my to-do list.

My dad & i built an arch last minute. He went out and found tall grass/cattails in our yard and cut them down. I dragged my friend, nikki and boyfriend, devin to savers to find material for the arch and to michaels after to find the florals. I spent quite some time in michaels, being VERY picky i must add. After hours of preparation, thought, and planning; the day of the shoot was finally here annnd it was raining. of course. *rolls eyes*

I was still determined to make this shoot happen, so i packed up my jeep and drove to litchfield, praying that the rain would stop. We got there set everything up and the rain STOPPED and left a STUNNING fog. It only rained during the shoot for a few minutes and we were all able to huddle under umbrellas and get some super moody and cuddly photos from it.

The weather, the fog, the people, the props, the whole day was unforgettable and everything i could have imagined. I am so grateful for the people who believe in, in my vision and stand by my side every step with nothing but supporting spirits and helpful hands.

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