From big vibrant parties, to cozy, candlelit wedding ceremonies. Love is beautiful, and there are so many ways it can be captured, through a hug, a kiss, a stare, a wink. All I ask my clients is to trust me with their memories, and allow themselves to fully enjoy the day.

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"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

Gabriel S.

Save The Date!


Shoot me a message through my contact form with allll the details. I want to know about your day, your budget, the vision you have in your mind for your wedding and how its captured. 

I want you to get the package that best fits YOU.

If I have your date available, 

i'll send you my pricing and packages guide + a welcome guide to get started! 

Coffee Date!


Lets meet up! 

winery, brewery, cafe - wherever your fav place to hang out is!

I offer in person consultations to go over any questions or if you just want to make sure we click before booking with me! 

If you're out of state or just prefer to stay home - I offer FaceTime + phone consultations!

The Engagement Session!


Your engagement session is a very import and FUN part! 

Engagement sessions are complimentary with all of my wedding packages - they are such an important part of getting to know each other and get comfortable working together. You'll know exactly what to expect while in-front of my camera on your wedding day!

The Details!


We will keep in communication throughout the time leading up to your wedding day!

Once time gets closer - we will finalize your timeline and you will receive a details + timeline to fill out so nothing is missed, there will be nothing to worry about and you will be left to just enjoy your day. 

The Wedding Day!


All the waiting, planning, decisions - 

your day is finally here!

It will come and go so please soak it in and enjoy every second of it. 

I'm your friend, your bridesmaid, a groomsmen, whatever you need me to be - just with a camera. 

I'm here to guide the day, wrassle together the big families and capture the even bigger partiers. 

My job is not only to capture your day the way you want but to help create a day you've always pictured.